We offer high-quality services for all children at the Tree of Life Child Care Centre and Kindergarten by following the National Quality Framework’s guidance. Every child is handled fairly, and we make sure that every child benefits from Tree of Life Child Care Centre and Kindergarten loving, safe, and supportive environment. We treat children as individuals and allow them to grow at their own pace through curiosity and discovery of their environments and people. We encourage each child’s growth by providing resources that are child-initiated and dependent on their interests. We have the necessary services for this production to take place.

Via strategic networking with infants, employees, relatives, and community members, the Centre encourages community recognition and support for the Tree of Life Child Care Centre and Kindergarten. We promote and endorse open dialogue with families, and we allow them to share their opinions, beliefs, and aspirations with us. We agree families should have the ability to be active in the Centre through events, forums, and participation in all decision-making processes.

At all levels, Tree of Life Child Care Centre and Kindergarten will ensure the high standard of care given serves and protects every child, staff member, family, and the whole community.


  • Give children experiences and opportunities to develop a positive self-concept and self-esteem.
  • Children are given the freedom to develop at their own rate.
  • Children are given activities and opportunities that are suitable for their generation.
  • The children are provided with an atmosphere that satisfies their desires for warm and meaningful relationships in a healthy environment.
  • Throughout the day, promote parent, small group, and entire group activities. Set constructive, simple, and consistent behaviour management goals for children.
  • Encourage good food habits and diet knowledge.
  • Provide children with a curriculum that takes into account and represents diversity, inclusion, abilities, and needs, thus enhancing each child’s growth.
  • Children can model, mimic, analyse, encounter, investigate, experiment, and contemplate through the program’s planned activities.
  • There is a good mix of scheduled and unplanned encounters in the curriculum.
  • Children are allowed to take charge of their own games and to share their game ideas.


  • Make all parents feel comfortable by maintaining an open door policy.
  • Collaboration with parents is essential.
  • Encourage families to express their thoughts, beliefs, and aspirations for their children and the Centre by promoting open dialogue.
  • Encourage parents to share their home memories, history, and language with the Centre.
  • Each family’s cultural heritage is respected at the childcare centre, which encourages awareness of their differing values and attitudes.
  • To provide assistance, current child-related services, and updates to parents.
  • Encourage families to engage in decision-making processes at the Centre and participate in regular activities including excursions, special occasions, parent gatherings, etc.
  • Concerning related topics and legislation, families are consulted.
  • Throughout the year, we invite families to attend family gatherings and individual child information sessions.


  • For all times, have high-quality treatment.
  • Employees collaborate to achieve general and Centre aims.
  • Staff are encouraged to participate in in-service training as well as optional conferences and career development classes.
  • Appropriate behaviour is praised, modelled, and reinforced by the staff.
  • Via continuing assessments and reviews, include enriching opportunities, and inspire and foster learning and growth.
  • Staff are active in the centre’s assessments and decision-making to ensure it has a high-quality service.