At the Tree of Life Child Care Centre and Kindergarten, we have established an innovative approach by using Storypark. This groundbreaking online program monitors and documents children’s growth and education, and allows for excellent collaboration between the creative learning centre and their families to offer a wonderful curriculum approach. For more information, you can visit

The Early Years Learning Structure (EYLF) and the Kindergarten Guidelines form the basis for our Centre’s curriculum. Educators use a child-led approach to learning and preparing for each child to fulfil their unique needs as individuals and as a community. Every child is valued as a strong, capable, and resilient individual, full of wonder and knowledge. We believe every child possesses a profound curiosity and ability, which fuels their desire to explore their environment and their position within it.

Early childhood is a period of accelerated mental and physical development. We recognise the role of these years in setting the groundwork for future education and life. The Tree of Life Child Care Centre and Kindergarten, seeks to provide a healthy, engaging, loving, warm, and welcoming atmosphere for young children and their families as they grow through these years. For all children, we have effective developmental and instructional services. The Early Years Learning Framework serves as the foundation for these programs. The experiences offered to aid in developing young children’s understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Fundamental Principles of Our Curriculum:

  • Children may construct their learning when a need motivates them to understand and learn more.
  • Children are communicators—a heavy emphasis is placed on teamwork and collective work, with each child being valued for their ideas, questions, and project work.
  • The third instructor is the environment, which we recognise for its ability to encourage them. We work to create an atmosphere that is bright, orderly, and beautiful.
  • We are advisors and guides as adults, and our job is to watch, listen, explore passions, and provide resources.
  • We place a strong focus on capturing children’s ideas, and we closely display and track their thinking progression.
  • We assume children speak a hundred languages and that they do so in a multitude of ways to convey their comprehension and communicate their ideas and imagination.

The thoughts and input of parents, friends, and community members are often welcome and encouraged to aid in the provision of early education services in Mudgeeraba. Specific accounts of the children can be observed at any time, and teacher interviews can be arranged upon request.