Providing Nutritious Meals Daily

As representatives of Nutrition Australia, we recognise the importance of meeting every child’s dietary needs during the day. We offer a delicious everyday menu to our childcare program that changes with the seasons, using new ingredients and attempting to utilise as much local produce as possible.

With our on-site chef cooking our delectable recipes regularly, we can accommodate allergies, intolerances, and special dietary requirements.

We promote the following at the Tree of Life Child Care Centre and Kindergarten:

  • Staff to serve both children and families as a model for nutritious food and exercise during the day.
  • Five main messages Munch and Move, promoting safe, engaging behaviours for young children.
  • Children choose drinking water.
  • Eat fewer snacks and choose better options.
  • Eat more citrus and greens.
  • Get busy daily for an hour or more.
  • Turn on and get busy on the TV or the phone.
  • Provide families with safe food options to teach their children.

We have available a copy of the child education centre menu at any time in the entrance hall, and a copy for the office’s parents. Children are supplied with food suitable for their age, and younger children are introduced and transferred to their families through food stages.

Please feel free to talk to our employees or chef about our menu about our childcare program.