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Tree of Life Child Care Centre and Kindergarten is proud to be a provider of leading education and care.

Providing care for children from 6 weeks to 12 years with a specialised Kindergarten program to prepare for Prep and an Outside School Hours Care program.

Our Rooms

Nursery Room

In our nursery, children are provided with the opportunity to explore their environment through various experiences. Your baby will be nurtured and loved in a safe and secure environment, to build trusting relationships with educators and other children.

  • Nursery

    6 weeks – 15 months

Toddlers Room

Our Toddlers are encouraged to follow their interests through developmentally appropriate experiences. Small and whole-group activities, free play, and of course quiet time are all just part of a regular day in the Toddler room.

  • Toddlers

    12 months – 24 months

Junior Kindy Room

Children in our Junior Kindy room are starting to seek new challenges and experiences, and our educators encourage this at every opportunity. By providing a safe and stimulating environment, your child can build the skills they have been busy developing.

  • Junior Kindy

    2 years – 3 years

Senior Kindy Room

The Senior Kindy room is all about promoting independence and self-help skills! Our educators will work with families on the best ways to develop and progress your child’s learning, planning experiences around the needs of the children.

  • Senior Kindy

    2.5 years to 4 years

Kindy Room

Children in this room are beginning preparation for that important next step into school by adhering to routines and more structured activity times. In this room, they are also busy building confidence and independence with self-help tasks and developing strong social skills.

  • Kindy

    4 years to 5 years

More Information

Our centre also offers Before School Care, After School Care, and Vacation Care.
Just ask one of our wonderful staff for more information.

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Our Activities

'We have a wide range of diverse activities to keep our children interested and engaged. Our activities are designed to help develop your child's creative aspirations, in addition to encouraging numeracy, literacy growth, and a sense of community.

Friendship with Uncle Allan who provides an important cultural connection

Celebrations for various events throughout the year

Community Pantry

Book Library

Sports program

Prep orientation program

Heavy investment in sustainable play and sustainable resources

Musical program, including a piano in the foyer

Kindy excursions, including to the local creek, local museum and into the local community

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